Saturday, 2 July 2016

Onwards and Upwards

And just like that, another year of education over. I have had the best year, the most stressful, exciting and rewarding year.

Art Foundation was my life starting again, it was me doing what I enjoy for myself. I gave up caring about the consequences because there is no career in art. I had already given up on the idea of uni, of a practical career path. I didn't want to build myself up in a boring job role, I wanted to do this for me. And I did.

I know where I'm going now, I know that there are so many fascinating creative careers and degrees that are accessible if you work hard, and you know what? F**k the people that said art will take me no where, and persuaded me to be 'sensible' and do a-level maths causing me to have a breakdown. I'd rather earn minimum wage the rest of my life than spend my days working 9-5 in a mundane job.

No offence to you, of course. It's not my path, I'm inspired by my late Auntie and Grandad, I'm inspired by the arts and crafts in my whole family. This isn't my destiny but it's just what feels right.

I am going to university this year, despite my ongoing battle with my mental health, despite not knowing what I was going to be doing with my life last year, despite being the person who stopped doing art because there were better things to do. I am going to university because i love the course and i love London.

I'm overwhelmed, excited and uncertain. You, and this blog will follow me, and, i will be refreshing my you tube channel to create real, honest content. Onwards and upwards...

Mauricia Xxx

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