Monday, 11 April 2016


 Things change, time goes by, and everything has a knock on effect.

 How strange to think last year I thought I had no future; I was failing sixth form, I had no plans for September whilst everyone else was planning for university. I never envied them, but at the same time I wanted something positive to start a life of  living.

 Yet now, a year later I am doing a course that (although can be a stressful pain in the bum) is more than I ever imagined. My yearning to do something I'm passionate about is here and it is now. My mind awakened to creative career paths, endlessly fascinating friends, and the breaking of boundaries everyday. Being surrounded by inspiring people everyday truly is a blessing.

 This all got me to thinking, why am I here? How did I go from failing Biology, Preclinical and Maths at Sixth Form in my whim of wanting to be a Midwife to applying to Univeristy of the Arts London, less than 2 years later? And it turns out it is a strange lot of happenings.

 Blogging was a step towards doing something I enjoy with my life, and after mostly failing my first year at sixth form, I decided to try and do AS Photography in a bid to boost the quality of my blog. However, I was only to be told the course was full. So, if it wasn't for the happenings of my tutor who snuck my name on the list, and got me a place, well, UAL would be nothing but a fantasy world for me now; instead of my actual future.

 And if it wasn't for my photography teacher who pushed me to drag a massive A1 portfolio to my interview I may not be here either. But... this isn't some kind of thank you speech. This is recognition. Sometimes, the things that seem like the end of the world are just a change of direction. Trust, love, respect your choices. Because I really do believe everything happens for a reason.

Tate Modern - Avis Newman

Tate Modern - Rebecca Horn

Jeff Lowe - Pangolin Gallery

(images from a recent trip to london)

Mauricia Xxx

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