Monday, 15 February 2016


 I am making the decision to better myself and start living.

 In a world where we are surrounded by social media, news reports, celebrities and self obsession, it becomes hard to determine what is real. Social media? It's not real. It distorts our view of reality and justifies our perceptions of people we hardly know. Communication, that is real. Technology has given us an amazing power to speak to and connect with people just like us from all around the globe. But you create who you want to be on a social media profile. A photo of yourself with likes is a temporary pleasure; it does not measure your love or kindness, it does not show your beauty in its truest form. It is simply a tool of immediate gratification and acceptance from your peers. That will never define me.

 I am defined by my honesty, my art, my love of species and mixing old and new. I am defined by my ethics, my obsessions, my love of minimalism and eccentricity.

 There are many of us in this world, and we all feel misunderstood. It's not irregular; we lead our own lives with thoughts and feelings that are individual. We sympathise and empathise, we take time to listen and understand but truly how can we. Our minds are so different, whirling around in our own little bubble. Don't be sad that you are misunderstood and alone in this world, we are all alone and waiting for something. Find calm in the eyes of a species besides your own, find warmth in the skin of a friend or a loved one, find peace in the grass and the mud between your toes. It is then that you realise you are defined by your experience and all you have learnt. You start living between the cracks of the lies you have been told, and you find your own truth.

 In a life of closed minds and lack of awareness you will think i am crazy, but my mind is just opening. Nothing saddens me more than not being able to see beyond yourself. We share this world with the flowers and the trees, the ocean and many species; as an "advanced" species surely we should protect cherish and preserve this as much as we can. Our brains have grown and closed along the way. We destroy without care, and there is nothing advanced about that.

 I am 18, I am not enlightened, I'm only a little bit special. I have been sad, I have been full and empty, I have learnt and I have loved. I have fallen into the digital world, and blurred my realities. But now I like to think I am finally living. I am feeling and I am being. Things will never be perfect, but they just are. I will love and understand, I will try and I will succeed. I will walk this earth harming as little as I can along the way. And that's a start.

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