Monday, 4 January 2016

A Year Without A Bra

 When you come home after a longgggg day of work/college/school and can FINALLY take off that bra - up there with one of the best feelings ever, am i right?! Well what about having that level of comfort all day everyday... unbelievable.

 This time last year i stumbled across this article, at first i genuinely thought she was crazy (possibly just super attention seeking) - oh how my mind has grown! The idea of not wearing a BRA to me was unfathomable. People being able to see nipples?! My breasts not being enhanced by the wonders of a push up, jack wills, underwired delight?! The endless worry of flashing a nipple?! How would i ever be able to wear a sheer shirt?!

 It suddenly hit me. All of these worries are hardwired social norms that go hand in hand with trying to create the perfect female body. My avid following of #freethenipple campaigns would be hypocritical if i didn't take this massive plunge into the world without a bra! It may seem trivial, but to a slightly-more-insecure version of myself, this was a big step.

 At first i was going to do a day - if i survived (i was very overdramatic) then maybe possibly i would do a week with free boobies. And guess what? I did survive, and now i am here to tell the tale of a world of comfort and free movement.

 It wasn't a big deal. Barely anyone noticed. I felt free.

 Since then summer has been and gone, I have lived life on the edge of a possible nip-slip, I have worn loose camis, tight halters, always crop tops, dresses. And its just not a big deal. I have had the odd stare, I have had people point out that my nipples are slightly visible, but alongside that i have had shock at how perky my breasts have truly become. So for that i give myself a pat on the back.

 I urge my smaller-boobed and also larger-boobed friends to just give it a go. Don't say that you prefer a bra, because that is what society tells you is right from pre-teen years (weird). I know that Victoria's Secret bras are a gift from the world of lingerie. But just try a week in the world of the free breast.

 I mean, you do know that bras are actually harming your boobs, right? But, no one ever tells you that.

 If you won't take my word for it then take this one, or this one and this is pretty much everything you want to know.

 And if you need anymore reason, these selfies of me being happy (without a bra) must be genuine proof.

credit: @charlotte.cuthbert//insta

If you read this, thank you, i like you alot.



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