Saturday, 6 June 2015

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Hello Lovelies,

 The 1st June - 14th June marks the East of England Co-Op "Sourced Locally Fortnight" and i thought this is an excellent opportunity for me to share my love of local produce! Growing up, i have always been told to wait until spring/summer for strawberries despite my undying love for them all year round - but for me now, nothing compares to the taste of British local and homegrown strawbs!

 Over the past year or so, i have become far more ethically and environmentally cautious, and my aim is to leave the smallest possible footprint on the world; whether it is harming less animals, buying less artificial processed food, re-cycling, and buying British made clothing/grown food. This article puts it quite simply - we need to help our earth!

 So, i popped down to my EoE Co-Op store to see what they had:

 They have everything from teas to chocolate, cakes, cookies, bread flour to lemonade, strawberries and apples! I was pleasantly surprised by the selection, some of which was sourced from about 2 minutes from my house!!

I, of course got myself a selection of goodies...

 These are a few of my fave food bits i picked up (trying to be healthy!!) The hot chocolate is to die for, as are the strawberries, and lemonade!!!

 I hope this will encourage you to pop down to your local store and see what local produce you can pick up, to help support our local farms and economy! I would obviously suggest you pick vegan options also :) Don't forget to share on the #iheartlocal hashtag!

Thanks so much for reading!

Mauricia xxx

(this post was sponsored by East Of England Co Op, but all views are my own)

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