Monday, 1 June 2015

A Fresh Start | Lifestyle

Hello Lovelies,

 Today marks the 1st June, and the halfway month of the year, and i think this is a great time for reflection and forward planning to make the rest of the year amazing! 

 At the moment, i have been struggling with exam pressures, working and anxiety and sometimes i just get a little overwhelmed - so i am making this post to share what i am going to do to better myself for the rest of the year!

 A lovely soul named Rosie is a huge inspiration of mine, and she is launching a 'June Fresh Start' challenge over on her tumblr and instagram  which includes daily challenges, as well as weekly goals!

I am going to attempt to do this challenge, as i think it is an excellent way of expanding the mind as well as connecting with other souls. Rosie always promotes health and well being as well as balance which i think is so important in every ones lifetime, and often gets pushed aside. As a yoga lover, i will be using this as my exercise throughout and beyond this challenge.

 I hope you will join me, or follow along with me in this challenge - resulting in a happier, healthier, stress free lifestyle!

(I will be doing this over on my lifestyle instagram @healing_my_soul)

Thanks so much for reading - hope you are all well,

Mauricia xxx

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