Thursday, 16 April 2015


 Hello Lovelies,

 As you may or may not know, it was my birthday a few weeks ago and it was the big 18! I had honestly looked forward to it for so long, and i'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone for making it so special. I spent 5 days celebrating with family and friends, including my first night out! I thought i'd share with you all a few snippets i have taken (i have also filmed a lot, which i have had no time to edit unfortunatley)...

  The outfit i wore to town was a slightly risky one - secured with fashion (boob) tape, so i didn't have to adjust the whole night haha!

Bodysuit - Missguided
Skirt - Missguided
Heels - New Look

Some of my beautiful friends...

 The morning after the night out, i got my main present which was a car (eeeek!!) I have finally decided to learn to drive, and i am lucky enough to now have my little Kia to learn in...

 My mum & I also decided to do a spot of vegan baking, which was a success!! Everyone seemed to say it tasted no different!



Birthday cake!!

There we go! I have more pics, but i wouldn't want to bore you - i hope you enjoyed this style of post. I am loving being eighteen even though it is scary that i am technically an adult waaah!!

I'll be trying to get back to posting again in between revising, so keep your eyes peeled :)

Let me know if you like my new blog layout and design also!!

Thanks for reading!

Mauricia xoxo

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