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Real Techniques Bold Metals Review | Beauty

 Hello Lovelies,

 First of all - HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you are all enjoying 2015 so far, and i am sure it will bring lots of happiness. Also, i am very rubbish with blogging regularly woops.

 So recently, my lovely friend Amber mentioned the new Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush Collection which i had not heard about before, so obviously i searched them up and FELL IN LOVE.

I am obsessed with metals, especially coppers and rose golds - so this collection seemed to be calling my name. They look absolutely beautiful, with a selection of gold, rose gold and silver dependent on which brush you are going for.

 So far, this is a collection of 7 face and eye brushes, ranging from £10 - £25 (I only bought two.) These are more expensive than the regular 'Real Techniques' brushes, but give a more premium look and feel. Basically, you will feel like a make-up artist with these brushes. They are fairly 'weighty' but this on purpose to improve control and comfort whilst applying make up. Also, they are a unique shape with flat edges, so they do not roll off surfaces.

 The bristles on these brushes are amazing - they are very densely packed, and oh so soft. I also love that they are a white so that you can actually see what product you have on the brush, and when they are dirty!!

 I chose to go for the 'Flat Contour' and 'Angled Liner' brush, as i don't really have any brushes like this in my collection. I would obviously have loved to buy them all, but i think i may have a few too many brushes already! I think these are so special too look at, and almost put my other brushes to shame.

Flat Contour:
 Contouring is something i have been loving recently, and i have tried a variety of brushes to get the finish i have been after (kim kardashian....) This shape is exactly what i have been looking for to get right into those cheekbones! I do need a bit more practice using this though, as it is very dense which makes it slightly harder to apply. The colour of this one is definitely my favourite!!

Angled Liner:
 I am a massive lover of eyeliner, and i am always on the lookout for new brushes to apply it. Recently i thought i had been converted to the 'silicone liner brush' but i think this may have changed my mind. I have never used this shape of brush for eyeliner before and well i have been missing out. I cannot even describe how QUICK and EASY it is to put on gel liner with this brush. There is amazing precision, and you can achieve the perfect flick in about 2 minutes!!

 I really think these brushes are worth the slightly higher price point - they look so gorgeous and give excellent results. I hope Sam and Nic continue to grow this collection!

Thanks for reading!!

Mauricia xoxo

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