Thursday, 11 December 2014

Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask Review | Beauty

Hello Lovelies,

 Its come to my attention that i haven't done hardly any reviews on this blog, and i feel like that is an essential for beauty bloggers - right?! So, now that i have come across this amazing product, i just had to share it with you.

 As a vegan and a beauty lover, it is not surprising that i am a lover of 'The Body Shop.' Their strict no animal testing policy, and sensitive skin ranges are extremely appealing to me, and there is fabulous choice for transitioning vegans. There are wide varieties of natural ingredients used, and they are ethically sourced (or so i believe) - win!

 Almost every time i find myself in The Body Shop, i am always eyeing up this face mask, but never quite willing to spend the steep price.

 I am no expert in prices of face masks, but for me £13.00 was more than i would want to pay for a face mask that may not even work, but with the shops's recent 40% off offers this may have slipped in my basket!!

 The instructions say to apply a thin layer and to leave on for 10 minutes after this time you can rinse using warm water.

 I was pleasantly surprised at how fast the mask dried once on the face, meaning that there was no chance of wet clay everywhere. Also, as the mask dried, i did not find any painful tightening of the skin, and no burning sensations (as i have previously experienced) - instead my skin felt like it was being pampered and soothed during those crucial 10 minutes.

 The mask claims to purify, cleanse and control excess oil which, with oily, blackhead prone skin is exactly what i need. The ladies in the store have previously reassured me that none of their products will bring underlying spots to the surface - so i am keeping my fingers crossed!

 After the 10 minutes, i looked in the mirror ready to rinse it off and well, i was horrified! It appeared as though every pore on my face created a sink whole in the mask, and well i was a polka-dot-clay-faced mess!! But, to my relief, as i removed the mask, i also removed almost every blackhead from my face, and any dirt that has clogged my pores.

The result: A clean, smooth, blackhead free face - hallelujah!

 I am so impressed with this product, there is a pleasant smell, a smooth texture, an easy application and great results. Furthermore, i think i will gain many uses out of this 100ml pot, as you hardly need to use much at all. This has persuaded me to try more clay face masks in the future - and i will update you as to whether this mask breaks me out in spots or not!

Thanks for reading!!

Let me know if you found this review useful, and i'll make sure to do more in the future!
Also - drop me an email if their are any other products that you would like me to review :)

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