Sunday, 9 November 2014

A Little Update//I'm Sorry... | Lifestyle

Hello Lovelies,

 I feel like i owe it to anyone (even if it's only a few people) who watch my videos and read my blog, to explain what has been going on with me!! My videos have slowly been decreasing in quality, and my blog posts are virtually non-existent. I don't want this post to be a list of excuses, but i want it to be a bit of explaining.

 I love making videos... I love filming, i love editing, i love seeing views slowly increase and i love hearing your feedback. I feel like everyone around me has been so supportive, and positive about my videos, and my blog - honestly, it's a little overwhelming. Okay, i could be a tad dramatic saying having 200 subscribers is 'overwhelming' but still... those subscribers are viewers, who i would like to share great content with, but sometimes that's a bit difficult. 

 For me personally, youtube and blogging is a hobby, that has to come second to my part time job and college. Now let me explain: a video can take anywhere from 5hours to 20hours to complete... pair this with being at college 5 days a week, and working 2 days a week, it's kind of difficult to keep on top of. Then add on a blog post a week, and 2hours of college work (per subject???!!) And don't even get me started on trying to maintain a social life! I put all this pressure on myself because that's what i want to do, and i am not complaining because it is 100% my choice; but that doesn't make it any less stressful.

 I think it is important for me to focus on the quality of what i am uploading and writing, because otherwise whats the point?? I am not happy with posting a blog post where i've taken photo's in two minutes with bad lighting; and i don't want to create a video i am not excited about editing and making - where is the enjoyment in that?! 

 Now, there is no way i will be quitting youtube and my blog anytime soon, and i am going to try super duper hard to get content out every week, but sometimes that may not be possible - and that's okay right?? 

... I may have lost my point somewhere in this post; but basically i am sorry that i am not being as consistent as i should be, and i want to try and post as much and as often as i can - but sometimes that is just a bit difficult. 

 Thank you for putting up with my moaaaaning!!

Mauricia xoxo

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