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Hello Lovelies,

 As you may already know, one of my favourite youtubers Zoella(Zoe) recently launched her very own range of beauty/pamper products - and i wasted no time placing an order on feel unique, to see what i could get my hands on! 

 I umm-ed and arr-ed  about whether i should order everything, but unfortunately some of the products had already sold out, so i settled on my 3 favourite items. You can see my first impressions and reactions to these products here.

Guinea Pig Beauty Bag

This bag is the perfect size to fit all of your make up essentials, or to use as a wash bag for trips away. I am in LOVE with the polka dots, and the colour of the zip (that's not weird right??) And of course, there is a guinea pig on it!! I have had guinea pigs since i was 3 years old, so this is the perfect touch for me. 

Being the sensitive skinned girl i am, i am always hesitant about buying body products, with the fear of being a blotchy mess the hour after use, so i have been pleasantly surprised with this lotion. I have (fingers crossed) had no reactions, and have been kept lovely smelling and moisturised up with this. I can't promise this will replace the delight of the 'Soap and Glory Sugar Crush' body butter, but it is a pretty good second.

I would go as far to say this is one of my favourite fragrances ever. I have been using this everyday, and absolutely loving it. If you can't get to your local superdrug to smell this, i would 100% still order it... and hope we have similar sense of smell!! Also, the packaging on this is second to none.. polka dots and red, i think Zoe understands me.

I would like to say a huge congratulations to Zoe for such a successful launch, and such fabulous products! Also, recently Zoe has been in Vogue... every girls dream hey?? I feel so privileged to watch such a lovely, down to earth girl every day, and see her at the very top of her game. I think Zoe is such a lovely role model for all girls out there.

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