Sunday, 24 August 2014

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Hello Lovelies,

 Summer is coming to an end, soon the days of college will upon me, and no doubt i will get a bit grumpy. I think it is really important to remember all of the little happy things during these dreary times, and really appreciate what i have. It is so easy to get caught up in day-to-day life, and just sitting around online, that we forget the little things.

 These are a few little things that i, personally appreciate:

 -My Dogs: These little bundles of joy are always happy to see me, and always give me love when i need it most. I am convinced these babies were humans in a past life.

-My Garden Friends: These lovely little visitors are always welcome in our garden, and it is such a treasure to have foxes, hedgehogs, birds and (even deer!) on my doorstep.

-The Sunset: It is becoming a hobby of mine to hang out my bedroom window, to admire the wonderful oranges, reds and pinks emitting from the sky.

-My Body: I have neglected and hated for too long, but once you give a little love - boy does it reward you!! Living a fully vegan diet and doing yoga every day has left me feeling phenomenal.

-My Family: Although this is obvious, i am so lucky to have amazing and supportive people so close to me.

Thanks for reading!
Let me know what little things your grateful for, and keep spreading love!

Mauricia xoxo

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