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Night-time Skincare/Garnier Product Review | Beauty

Hello Lovelies,

 If you watched my most recent 'Boots Haul' you will know that i went out and purchased the new-ish Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and Express 2-in-1 Eye Makeup Remover in the hunt for new make up removers. 

 I am normally terrible at removing my make-up, and up until a few years ago i never did (my poor skin!!) I will shamefully admit that i am (was) a lover of just using make-up wipes - they are quick and easy, so why not! However, i was finding make up still on my skin, and my face still feeling really dirty, which is a big no with acne prone/oily skin. I have tried out a few other make-up removers that has left my skin sore, my eyes watering and a horrid smell; so i was even more drawn to make-up wipes... until i found these Garnier products. After a few weeks use, it is safe to say i am converted!!

 Although you can use the micellar cleansing water on the eyes as well, i tend to wear waterproof mascara and a-lot eye of make-up, so i prefer having a separate eye make-up remover.

  I first have my make-up looking something like this (sorry i forgot to take a 'before' photo) and take a cotton pad, with a small amount of the eye make-up remover on it, and gently sweep over the eyes. This is SO effective, and gets rid of about 90% of my make-up the first sweep. This successfully removes all of my eye make-up, leaves my lashes feeling amazing and DOESN'T IRRITATE MY EYES! I have super duper sensitive eyes all year round, so this is a definite selling point for me.

I 100% recommend this product if you have:
-sensitive eyes
-sensitive skin
-dry skin
-waterproof make-up

i would just like to say: my eyes are red and puffy because i had a reaction to my eye make-up and i was tired, NOT the eye make-up remover.

 Next, i take the cleansing water on a fresh cotton pad, and sweep this all over my face. This leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I also love this product as it has no odour - this means my eye's don't go all watery and stingy, woohoo!! Sometimes i moisturise after doing this, but most of the time my skin has not been left feeling dry or deprived at all.

 The result of this is clean fresh bed-time skin! I have noticed that my spots have reduced since using these products, along with the scarring on my face - maybe a coincidence, maybe not? I'll let you know.

 Hopefully you may feel inspired to try out these products, i highly recommend them, and i think you'll love them as much as me. Also, let me know what your night-time skincare routine is? 

Mauricia xoxo

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