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Hello Lovelies,

 From time-to-time everyone gets a little sad, or goes off track where they want to be, and that's okay; sometimes you may feel a bit stuck, or lost, and it is important to 'find yourself' (sounds soooo lame.)

 Being the slightly egotistic, self-centered person i am, i have devoted a lot of time to focus on myself recently and i have honestly never felt better. I think it is so important for everyone to take a little time for themselves, discover who YOU are, get to where YOU want to be... Don't get stuck in relationships that don't make you happy (especially if you're my age or younger); live a little, and love a lot.

 ANYWAYYYYY the point of this post is just to share a few of my little tips for you as a guidance; you may think i am chatting rubbish, or that there is no point to this, in which case - great, i hope that means you are happy already!! If not, i hope that this could enlighten you slightly? or at least give a little help??

-Get away from your phone, the internet, technology, social media... whether it's a little time out each day, or deleting it all together. It's so easy to get reality and online things mixed up... don't.

-Change your diet... rubbish comfort food makes you feel rubbish. Eat your fruit and veg, bake some flapjacks, go outside with your homemade salad in the sun, try being vegan/vegetarian. You will feel SO much better i guarantee.

-Drink water and Green Tea... this stuff is good for you apparently, so drink it, a lot.  

-Meditate & Do yoga... relax your mind, your soul, and be peaceful. Listen to the sounds, and feel your body. Love the calm and forget about responsibilities for a while.

-Don't stress out... 99% of the time those horrible scenarios are not going to turn out as bad as you think, so let loose, and be confident in what you do.

-Wave goodbye to negative people... you do NOT need them in your life. Surround yourself with people that make you feel alive, make you laugh. Be happy with who you are spending your time with; don't let bad people near you. More importantly, don't be the negative person yourself.

-Stop and take a look at the world around you... nature is so beautiful, animals are wonderful; and you get to see them everyday!!

-SMILE... embrace compliments, allow insults to fuel your ambitions, do what you love, and smile. Laugh, smile and be grateful for everything you have.

Hopefully through this you can develop a hobby, and a passion. You can learn to love yourself, what you do and who you are.

Be kind, Be loving, Make a change.

A few snaps from my recent doings...

A sort-of bridge pose...
(Very Bad) Plank...
Downward Dog Pose...
Country park pretties...
Walks during college lunchtime...
Apple Juice/Spinach, Avocado, Cucumber, Pitta, Vegan butter...
Pitta, Tomato, Veggie Sausage, Cucumber, Spinach, Balsamic Dressing...
Pitta, Vegan Cheese, Olives, Spinach...

Thanks for reading!
 I've been really busy recently, so sorry for the lack of posts and videos!

Mauricia xoxo

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