Wednesday, 30 July 2014

'The Body Shop' Beauty Bargains | Beauty

Hello Lovelies,

 Recently, i went into 'the body shop' which is somewhere i don't normally go. After seeing various beauty bloggers loving the 'all in one' BB cream, and seeing how friendly the staff were, i just had to go and actually buy something. So, i went in there looking for a face wash, and a BB cream, expecting the staff to guide me, as i have no clue from the hundreds of products in there!! I was not at all disappointed.

 The lady was SO helpful, and went the extra mile to help me find what i was after, and knew exactly what products did what! She gave me advice for my sensitive skin, and tested make up colours on me in order to find the perfect shade. Along with the amazing customer service, i also got a good few bargains...

 A gentle foam face wash

Perfects your face ready for foundation/bb cream

A clear formula that changes to the colour of your skin... no really!!


 So that is everything i got!! But why is that a bargain?? It's all quite pricey right???

 Well, altogether everything should have come to around £50.00, but i got it all for just over £20.00 - crazy right?! 

-Firstly, there was a 3 for 2 on make-up and skincare. 
-Secondly, there was a 20% off for 'love your body' card holders
-Lastly, there was a free gift with any purchase over £20.00!!

 I was just SO impressed with all these offers, and the customer service i received, i had to make a blog post so all you guys can go and check out their stores and take a look for yourself. As if that wasn't enough, the company also have strong ethical messages, and do not test on animals!! I am also in love with these products so far (especially the BB cream!) New found love? I think so.

disclaimer: i have not been paid or sponsored by the body shop

Mauricia xoxo

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Red, White & Blue OOTD | Fashion & Beauty

Hello Lovelies,

Belt - Vintage, maybe???

I love the back, so cute!!

Shoes - Primark

Naked Palette - Urban Decay (Virgin & Hustle)
Brushes - Real Techniques & Revlon
Brow Kit - Body Shop
Concealer - Collection
Powder - Rimmel
Mascara - Maybelline
Lip gloss - Accessorize

Mauricia xoxo

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Summer Florals OOTD | Fashion & Beauty

Hello Lovelies,

 In England it has been so hot recently, which is great because i can FINALLY get out all of the pretty summer dresses & playsuits!! Today i just went into town with a friend, and thought what better time to snap some summery outfit shots :) I was inspired by the flowers outside and the flower print of the dress, so i decided to co-ordinate the accessories, to create a fresh summer look.

Dress - Vintage (featured here)

Shoes - Asos (Last Season)
Anklet - Accessorize
Nail Polish - Tanya Burr 'Penguin Chic'

Floral Headband - Accessorize

Eyebrows - Body Shop Brow Kit
Eyes - Urban Decay & Sleek Palettes
-Rimmel Gel Liner
-Maybelline Mascara
Face - Maybelline BB Cream
-Collection Concealer
-Rimmel Powder

Thanks for reading! Hopefully i will be doing more quick OOTD posts over summer :)

Mauricia xoxo

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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Old Skool Stylin' | Fashion

Hello Lovelies,

 I am a lover of vintage clothes, and vintage style; and although you won't always find me in all vintage, i am always wearing something that is probably a golden oldie. Often people ask where my clothes are from, and i feel a bit standoffish if all i can say is "it's vintage" but what else is their to say??? Truth is; about half of my wardrobe has been bought from charity shops, or found in my mum's wardrobe; with a few things i have altered from when i was younger, or relatives hand-me-downs... and i love it!! 

 I'm one of those people that doesn't like to be the same as everyone else (even though i probably am) and vintage clothes are the PERFECT way to do that, as they are one of a kind!! It really saddens me that some people aren't confident enough to even think about wearing vintage clothes, or aren't open minded enough. There is SO much choice around, and SO many wonderful era's to choose from - so go out and have a look! You'll be saving yourself money, and being unique!

 In this post i thought i'd share with you some of my favourite picks for summer and some of my new finds; i hope this inspires you to root around in your closest charity shop :)


Tulip Midi Skirt

Denim Mini Skirt

High Waist Shorts

Floral Mini Dress

Mini Dress

 (my shoes are from asos, vest from topshop and my belt is from accessorize)

Thanks for reading!!

Mauricia xoxo

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Friday, 11 July 2014

Night-time Skincare/Garnier Product Review | Beauty

Hello Lovelies,

 If you watched my most recent 'Boots Haul' you will know that i went out and purchased the new-ish Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and Express 2-in-1 Eye Makeup Remover in the hunt for new make up removers. 

 I am normally terrible at removing my make-up, and up until a few years ago i never did (my poor skin!!) I will shamefully admit that i am (was) a lover of just using make-up wipes - they are quick and easy, so why not! However, i was finding make up still on my skin, and my face still feeling really dirty, which is a big no with acne prone/oily skin. I have tried out a few other make-up removers that has left my skin sore, my eyes watering and a horrid smell; so i was even more drawn to make-up wipes... until i found these Garnier products. After a few weeks use, it is safe to say i am converted!!

 Although you can use the micellar cleansing water on the eyes as well, i tend to wear waterproof mascara and a-lot eye of make-up, so i prefer having a separate eye make-up remover.

  I first have my make-up looking something like this (sorry i forgot to take a 'before' photo) and take a cotton pad, with a small amount of the eye make-up remover on it, and gently sweep over the eyes. This is SO effective, and gets rid of about 90% of my make-up the first sweep. This successfully removes all of my eye make-up, leaves my lashes feeling amazing and DOESN'T IRRITATE MY EYES! I have super duper sensitive eyes all year round, so this is a definite selling point for me.

I 100% recommend this product if you have:
-sensitive eyes
-sensitive skin
-dry skin
-waterproof make-up

i would just like to say: my eyes are red and puffy because i had a reaction to my eye make-up and i was tired, NOT the eye make-up remover.

 Next, i take the cleansing water on a fresh cotton pad, and sweep this all over my face. This leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I also love this product as it has no odour - this means my eye's don't go all watery and stingy, woohoo!! Sometimes i moisturise after doing this, but most of the time my skin has not been left feeling dry or deprived at all.

 The result of this is clean fresh bed-time skin! I have noticed that my spots have reduced since using these products, along with the scarring on my face - maybe a coincidence, maybe not? I'll let you know.

 Hopefully you may feel inspired to try out these products, i highly recommend them, and i think you'll love them as much as me. Also, let me know what your night-time skincare routine is? 

Mauricia xoxo

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Thursday, 3 July 2014

A Little Guidance... | Lifestyle

Hello Lovelies,

 From time-to-time everyone gets a little sad, or goes off track where they want to be, and that's okay; sometimes you may feel a bit stuck, or lost, and it is important to 'find yourself' (sounds soooo lame.)

 Being the slightly egotistic, self-centered person i am, i have devoted a lot of time to focus on myself recently and i have honestly never felt better. I think it is so important for everyone to take a little time for themselves, discover who YOU are, get to where YOU want to be... Don't get stuck in relationships that don't make you happy (especially if you're my age or younger); live a little, and love a lot.

 ANYWAYYYYY the point of this post is just to share a few of my little tips for you as a guidance; you may think i am chatting rubbish, or that there is no point to this, in which case - great, i hope that means you are happy already!! If not, i hope that this could enlighten you slightly? or at least give a little help??

-Get away from your phone, the internet, technology, social media... whether it's a little time out each day, or deleting it all together. It's so easy to get reality and online things mixed up... don't.

-Change your diet... rubbish comfort food makes you feel rubbish. Eat your fruit and veg, bake some flapjacks, go outside with your homemade salad in the sun, try being vegan/vegetarian. You will feel SO much better i guarantee.

-Drink water and Green Tea... this stuff is good for you apparently, so drink it, a lot.  

-Meditate & Do yoga... relax your mind, your soul, and be peaceful. Listen to the sounds, and feel your body. Love the calm and forget about responsibilities for a while.

-Don't stress out... 99% of the time those horrible scenarios are not going to turn out as bad as you think, so let loose, and be confident in what you do.

-Wave goodbye to negative people... you do NOT need them in your life. Surround yourself with people that make you feel alive, make you laugh. Be happy with who you are spending your time with; don't let bad people near you. More importantly, don't be the negative person yourself.

-Stop and take a look at the world around you... nature is so beautiful, animals are wonderful; and you get to see them everyday!!

-SMILE... embrace compliments, allow insults to fuel your ambitions, do what you love, and smile. Laugh, smile and be grateful for everything you have.

Hopefully through this you can develop a hobby, and a passion. You can learn to love yourself, what you do and who you are.

Be kind, Be loving, Make a change.

A few snaps from my recent doings...

A sort-of bridge pose...
(Very Bad) Plank...
Downward Dog Pose...
Country park pretties...
Walks during college lunchtime...
Apple Juice/Spinach, Avocado, Cucumber, Pitta, Vegan butter...
Pitta, Tomato, Veggie Sausage, Cucumber, Spinach, Balsamic Dressing...
Pitta, Vegan Cheese, Olives, Spinach...

Thanks for reading!
 I've been really busy recently, so sorry for the lack of posts and videos!

Mauricia xoxo

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