Thursday, 19 June 2014

Rimmel 'Scandaleyes' Collection | Beauty

Hello Lovelies,

 When i'm in Boots or Superdrug looking around, Rimmel is always the first place i look, and it seems i have built up quite a large collection of their products. Most of which are eye products, and i have been so impressed i thought i would tell you a bit about it (plus there are a few items on sale at the moment, so keep your eyes peeled.)

Scandaleyes Shadow Stick - I have been so impressed with these shadow sticks so far, they make my eyeshadow stay on for so much longer, and make it look so much more pigmented. These are perfect for everyday use or for special occasions! They also come in such a variety of colours, matte and shimmer; I will definitely be buying some more in future!

 Scandaleyes Gel Eye Liner - I am yet to properly try this out, as I do not have any experience with gel liners at all. So far I have been impressed with how long this stays on for, and how pigmented it is! 

 Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner - This is unlike any eyeliner pencil I have ever tried before. It glides on your eyes so easily and is so pigmented. The pencil is so soft, and easy to correct once on the lid, but equally it is waterproof and does not budge throughout the day. One thing I would say is that it doesn't sharpen very well, so it's difficult to get a precise cat eye flick!

 Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara - I absolutely adore this mascara, it gives your eyelashes so much volume, and defines them amazingly. If you are looking for a full lash effect then i would definitely recommend this.

 I hope this may have inspired you to go out and buy some of these products, or at least have a look at the Rimmel stand & let me know if there are any other brands you have been especially loving? All of these products and more can be found here!

Thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Spectacular Summer Skin | Beauty

Hello Lovelies,

 In the UK the weather has miraculously turned warm fairly recently, and by warm i mean HOT! Of course this isn't a bad thing for tanning and general happiness, but it is a bad thing for my skin. As the sun comes out, it brings along a sniffling nose, red puffy eyes, dry skin and eczema - just me?? I thought i would put together a few essential items that i hope will save me this summer.

 These are items that are available for purchase which i use alongside any prescriptions i have for my allergies (i thought it's would be unfair to include them if you can't access them):

A delightful summer smell that is a must have! All of S & G's body butters works wonders on my skin, and leave me feeling moisturised and refreshed.

I love this wash, as it removes that dry skin feeling after a shower, with added moisture in the mixture. I would not recommend using only this to replace moisturiser, but it is definitely a great asset.

I have no problem saying that this product is a life saver. Day-to-day i would not use this moisturiser, but when you ever need an extra skin moisture boost this works wonders. I often use a ton of this on a freshly washed face before bed, let it soak in over night and wake up with baby soft skin in the morning.

 On my recent venture to boots to replace my BB mango lip balm, i stumbled upon this balm of wonder. I am a lip balm addict, and i love a good moisture boost before bed and in the morning and this is perfect! Ultra conditioning!!! (P.S. regarding my previous post about veganism, i understand that this is not a vegan product; however, i have only just begun this transition and have not began to tackle beauty products yet.)

...And that's all i have for you! I hope this helps anyone with summer skin issues, and feel free to recommend me any of your favourite moisturising products!

1.In my previous post i mentioned my new youtube channel; due to this change i am mixing my schedule a bit. I am planning to do a midweek blog post and a weekend video; I am hoping to stick to this, but due to work and college i am not going to promise anything.

2.I have upgraded my camera!!! Previously i was using a Fujifilm Finepix S2960, i am now using the Canon 700D - I hope you notice a difference in quality :)

Mauricia xoxo

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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A New Chapter: Youtube

Hello Lovelies,

 Just a quick post to let you know about something that is finally happening; YOU TUBE! I love watching videos, making videos, editing videos, so it just makes sense right? I got my hands on a brand new camera, and took to recording! I am so excited to do so many more beauty and fashion bits on my channel as well as on here. Now exams are out of the way i have no excuse not too! Woohoo!

 So please, subscribe to my channel, and watch my brand new video :)

Thank you for reading, i will be back with a proper blog post soon! :)

Mauricia xoxo
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