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Tanya Burr Lips & Nails REVIEW | Beauty

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 As you may or may or not know, a few months ago one of my all time favourite youtubers Tanya Burr  launched her brand new collection of lipglosses and nail polishes! I was very excited to say the least... Tanya is so lovely, and i adore watching her videos. I'm not going to lie, it took me quite a while to get my hands on them, as i did not want to pay to get glass bottles posted to me (which i'm sure would have been fine!!) So to my delight, her products were launched in Superdrug stores soon after - including the one local to me!! Naturally i went out pretty much the next day and picked me up some goodies.

 There is a wide range of lipglosses and nail polishes to suit everyone; with 12 lipglosses and 10 nail polishes. I wish i could have gone out and bought them all :( I originally was going to get 1 nail polish, but i ended up get a bit excited and got 3 nail polishes and a lip gloss. It probably was a bit naughty of me, as i have too many nail polishes and i've never really liked lipgloss.... but i have no regrets, i have been loving them all!!

 I bought the nail polish shades: 'Peaches & Cream', 'Penguin Chic' and 'Little Duck'; along with the lipgloss in 'Vampire Kiss.'

 As i mentioned, i already own a lot of nail polishes, but i could definitely justify buying these, as they are such original shades. I think i may have been converted from Barry M nail polishes. I have worn 'peaches & cream' and 'little duck' so far; and have been very impressed. Firstly, i love the packaging, it has been kept very minimal, which gives it an expensive look, there is also Tanya's signature heart on the top, which adds a little something; however, i am slightly confused why some have printed hearts and some have a heart sticker. One of the winning factors for me is that they stay on for a VERY long time, with very minimal chipping, and the colours are just so pretty. You can easily get away with one coat of 'little duck', though i would recommend 2 for 'peaches & cream' as it is a nude shade. The only thing i would watch out for is 'little duck' did stain my nails, which is a bit of a bummer, but it did go after a few days. Overall, i very highly rate these nail polishes and can't wait to get my hands on more, and with the fair price of £5.99 each, you can't go too wrong. I have had so many compliments whilst wearing them, and i definitely feel ready for summer!

L-R: 'Peaches & Cream' 'Penguin Chic' 'Little Duck'
'Peaches & Cream' ... Rings: Accessorize

'Little Duck' ... Rings: Accessorize
 I rarely wear lipglosses, so it is quite difficult for me to tell you a comparison to others. I decided to go for the shade 'Vampire Kiss' as it is one of the more 'out there' colours, as the other lipglosses are more neutral. Also i thought, if i am going to buy lipglosses i can't be afraid to pick the more 'in your face' colours. I thought i'd start by saying that Tanya looked ABSOLUTELY stunning whilst wearing this shade (at the brits i believe?) and that also persuaded me to buy it. The actual product stays on for a really long time without permanently staining your lips, also the smell is super duper yummy!! It smells like strawberry goodness. They are priced at £6.99 which i think is fab for such a good lip product, where you don't even need any lipstick underneath, due to the amazing pigmentation.

Wearing MAC 'Expensive Pink' and 'Brown Down' on my eyes

 You can buy all these products at Superdrug or Feel Unique; if you are hesitating about buying any of them, i would definitely say go for it! I love Tanya Burr, and I think you should all support her by buying her products :)

 Sorry i haven't been brilliant at updating recently; it is very difficult to juggle blogging, work, college and exam prep, so things may be a bit oddly timed throughout the next month or so. I do have a lot of ideas and really exciting projects coming up after that soon, which i cannot wait to share with you all!!

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