Sunday, 18 May 2014

A Happier & Healthier Life...

Hello Lovelies,

Today i thought i would take a bit of a different approach on what i'm used to, and have a bit of a chat with you about creating a healthier and happier life for yourself; starting with diet. Now by no means am i an expert, or have any professional advice to give, all i have is that of my own. Recently i have stumbled across a lot of vegan blogs during my procrastination, and it has opened my eyes to say the least.

 I was lucky enough to be born into a family of vegetarians, and open minded animal lovers, so i guess this isn't a very difficult thing for me to talk about. I did however become a pescatarian (eating fish, but no other meat) very young, because i am a very fussy eater, and it was impossible to find enough food i like. In those 17 years i have had endless people try to persuade to eat meat because it 'tastes amazing' or because it's 'easier' and i was tempted a few times, but i am so glad i did not. I am now fully vegetarian, and am slowly making the change to veganism.

 I am definitely not a super healthy eater, and i have no weight difference just because i don't eat meat, but i just want to open your eyes to how easy it is to cut meat from your diet, and how much better you will feel because of it. Also, you'd be saving millions of animals being viciously slaughtered and horrifically treated in the process - fab right???

 As i said, i am no expert, but i wanted to share a few other blogs/posts about WHY you should consider veganism/vegetarianism:
-reasons to benefit you!!
-a bit more information..
-some farms are humane and love their animals????

Are you even aware of half the things you're eating?

 And do you have a conscience?

I know i haven't given you many reasons to switch your diet but please, if you take 5 minutes to take a look at THIS POST, i find it so difficult to put it into words, but the information is right there for you, so please just inform yourself, and make a change. 

 Hopefully if you are still reading you have learnt something a bit new? I love animals, and i know so many others do too, but if you truly want to do whats right and help the world make such a positive change; make the decision to not eat meat. 

 You are one person, one person doesn't make a difference. But if everyone is one person who believes they can make a difference, then, collectively you are a voice, and a change. 

Mauricia xoxo

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