Thursday, 13 March 2014

My 'Holy Grail' Products | Beauty

Hello Lovelies,

 Today i decided that i wanted to share all of the beauty bits that i simply can't live without/are perfecto for me! These are products that i have repurchased because i love them so much, or i have not even had to repurchase as they have lasted so well!

Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub
Does exactly what it says - not to skin drying, and the exfoliant beads aren't to harsh. I don't tend to use this daily though, as my skin is rather sensitive.

Simple 'Light Moisturiser'
The best moisturiser for everyday use, it's so good at preventing dry skin without being too greasy. Also this is great for eczema prone/sensitive/acne prone skin.

Calcot Manor Moisture Souffle
I adore this body moisturiser, it smells amazing and is so nourishing and lovely!

Nivea 'Stress Protect' Deodorant
This is the only deodorant i've found that actually works, guess i just get too stressed out, haha!

Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
This is an absolute blessing, the best lip product ever in my opinion!

Collection 'Lasting Perfection' Concealer (Warm Medium)
Rimmel 'Stay Matte' Powder (Classic Beige)
I could literally last the whole day with just the two products on my face, the concealer has the most phenomenal coverage, and the powder keeps the shine away for such a long time.

Sleek 'Au Naturel' Palette
I have included this palette because i think it is the best 'all rounder' there are some beautiful shimmer shades, and the matte brown shades are my all time favourite colour for in the crease.

Shade: Taupe

Shade: Regal

Swatches of my favourite shades; Left: Taupe, Right: Regal

Rimmel Blush (Smoked Oyster)
This is the prettiest blush, i absolutely adore the colour. It is fairly subtle but just gives a lovely sheen to the cheeks.

What are your Holy Grail products? Are any of them the same as mine?

Quick Update: I don't think i am going to do a 'friday favourite' segment on my blog every week, as it has become difficult to think of things, and i don't want to just put rubbish on here :)

Thanks so much for reading!

Mauricia xoxo
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