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Hello Lovelies,

So it seems that although my blog title contains 'music' as a heading, I do not include nearly enough music reviews or about the music I am loving. I do listen to A LOT of music, and I do like to sing, but I always feel like I'm not up to date with what's going on in the music world.... In other words I would rather listen to musicals and destiny's child than the chart hits. I also tend to stick a lot with the same artists, as I know what music I like and I see no reason to not have it on repeat constantly. I suppose some of my favourite 'more relevant' artists are Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, James Arthur, Vince Kidd and Iggy Azalea (who I am going to talk about in this post.) But apart from that you will most definitely find me singing along to Grease/Burlesque/Chicago etc, because I just LOVE musicals!! Along with musicals I do like other movies; more recently The Hunger Games/Twilight Saga/Lord of the rings & The Hobbit trilogy's etc etc

BUT ANYWAY, the point of that rather long introduction was to say that this weeks favourite consists of a movie and music, excited? Well you should be!!

This weeks favourite is........... IGGY AZALEA & CLUELESS:

If you aren't a big fan of Iggy, you probably will be a bit confused about why i am linking the two; well, in her newest music video to 'Fancy' she pays huge tribute to the movie Clueless, and well i was inspired.

Obviously after watching the video and linking it to all of the GIF'S i had seen on tumblr, i just had to see the movie behind the tartan - and i was not dissapointed.

♥ tartan

I suppose it is your normal teen girly movie; but at the same time it isn't at all. Cher (the main character) has THE BEST dress sense, and most of what she does/says is ingenius. She is a rich girl, but you don't find yourself loathing or envying her. I suppose i was expecting a Regina George type character but she is not at all! Ever since i first watched it, i can't help wanting all of Cher's wardrobe, and to my surprise i already own almost identical leggings as these:

spy those leggings?

That's a match! Topshop £28

But my favourite outfit of Cher's would have to be:

i am in love!!!!!!!!!

And that is what i have loved this week;

Thank you for reading, I'm sorry that this post is a day late, so it's technically a saturday favourite woops!

Mauricia xoxo

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