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My Everyday Make-Up and Storage | Beauty

my most used make-up and how i store it...

Hello Lovelies,

 So today i thought i'd show you all how i store my make-up and what make up i actually wear - mostly because i am finally happy with the storage i'm using. This is not actually all of my make-up, as i store some bits i rarely wear in separate draws, which aren't really worth photographing at the moment. I am currently using the 'Pretty Pink' Cosmetics Case from Argos, which you can buy here, for £39.99 and it is perfect for keeping my things organised.

The case looks like this:
It is shiny black and has a quilted finish to it. It opens up and has multiple compartments, which you can separate how you want, with a larger compartment at the bottom...
In the top left i keep most of my eye bits and bobs, and my concealer...
-Rimmel scandaleyes mascara
-Collection lasting perfection concealer
-Maybelline the falsies mascara
-Lancome Paris liquid eyeliner
-Rimmel eyebrow pencil
-Collection kohl eyeliner
I then have my eyeshadow brushes and my tweezers...
-Large eyeshadow brush
-Urban Decay flat brush
-Real Techniques shading brush
-Models Prefer small eyeshadow brush
-Revlon dual ended brush
In the larger bottom part, i keep my eyeshadow palettes, blushes, skincare and lipsticks...
-Mua 'Ever After' palette
-Sleek 'Au Naturel' palette
-Urban Decay 'Naked 1' palette
-Rimmel blush
-Maybelline blush
-Maybelline dream pure BB cream
-Rimmel match perfection and stay matte powder
-Shiseido make up base
-Clinique lipsticks
-17 lipstick
-Rimmel lipstick
In the next compartment i store my larger make-up brushes...
-Avon kabuki brush
-Elizabeth Arden face brush
-Blush brush
-Ecotools concealer brush
Finally i keep some extra eye bits and bobs in the top section...
-17 metallic eyes
-Barry M body creme
-Eye glitter
-Urban Decay primer
-No7 eyeshadow
-Maybelline triple eyeshadows

And that is it guys! Obviously i don't wear all of this make up every single day, i tend to alternate eye shadows i am loving, and sometimes i don't have time to do a full make up look just for everyday college. I love that with this case i can travel and not have to worry about it, i can lock it, and it is super easy to find what i am after, and see what i have. I no longer have to root around in make up bags, or put all mucky make up on my bed just to find what i want. Clean and tidy - Just the way i like it!

I have to give Sam Schuerman a big thank you for giving me this idea in the first place :)

Hope you enjoyed reading this, if you want any reviews on any of these products, or any make-up looks with any of them, let me know in the comments!! Also, leave me a comment on what you would like to see next?

Thanks for reading! Speak soon :)

Mauricia xoxo

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