Friday, 14 February 2014

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my favourite product of the week...

Hello Lovelies,

 Right, i am going to mix it up a bit this week with my favourite. I always think about these posts and want to share what i am REALLY loving not just something i slightly like, simply because there's nothing else better. So, this is not going to be a specific product/item, but sort of a mixture of things, therefore.... 

This weeks favourite is..... VINTAGE STYLE ICONS:

Strange right? I can't exactly pinpoint what i love, and i can't go into too much detail, as, honestly, i am not an expert on the events of the past, so i'm just going to share some images which inspire me, and i hope they inspire you:

& I suppose this is cheating a bit, but i just HAVE to include Miley Cyrus' new Vogue Madonna/Marilyn Monroe inspired shoot... I think she looks absolutely flawless, and glamorous!!

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Thanks for reading! Speak soon :)

Mauricia xoxo

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