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My 2013 Favourites | Life

my favourite beauty & random products of last year

Hello Lovelies,

What a better way to start the new year than to look back at my very favourite things of 2013! I feel like all of these products are worthy of being shared, and i think that people need to see how amazing they are, and of course i just love an opportunity to get out the camera and ramble on about my opinions. I tried to think of products from the whole year and not just my recent discoveries, also, i stuck to the things i absolutely love  not just like :) & I would just like to note that i'm not a professional and i am just sharing my personal opinions.

1. Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm: There are no words to describe how much i adore these lip balms, I have the peppermint and the mango ones, along with the peppermint balm in a tin. I used to be a vaseline lover, you could ALWAYS catch me looking in the mirror applying vaseline, but it made my lips all white and gross, and i was applying it constantly to stop my dry lips. Then i thought i'd stop using vaseline altogether and try this (because i'd heard many good things) and i have never looked back! My lips feel very hydrated, soft, rarely go white or chapped, and i only apply between 1-5 times a day. The mango one has definitely been a winter life saver, as it is way more nourishing and hydrating for super dry lip days!

2. Collection 'Lasting Perfection' Concealer: WOW! This product is simply amazing. I have spent years looking for a good concealer and i was starting to believe that they just don't exist, and it is near impossible to find a good colour match for my mixed skin tone. After hearing you tubers/beauty bloggers such as Tanya Burr & Louise (SprinkleOfGlitter) talk about this i have been dying to give it a try, but every time i walked past i was very put off by how pale the shades are! I initially bought 4 DEEP thinking it would be too pale, and boy was i mistaken, i ended up looking like i had a disease, and since i don't wear foundation i could not hide it, i had purchased yet another wrong colour-match which made my skin look horrific. I then went out and bought 3 MEDIUM thinking that i would probably have to mix the two, but no, it is perfect... I am SO impressed with the coverage, colour match, price, and how long it lasts, it is FAR better than any other concealer i have ever had. 

3. LancĂ´me Paris 'Traceur-Matic' Eyeliner: This is a liquid liner which normally i would never even attempt to use, but i decided to branch out. Since i have started wearing creamy glitter bases under my eyeshadow it is impossible to get a good line with a pencil, so this liquid liner is perfect. I have found this easy to apply, the brush size is great for getting close to the eye and achieving flicks and it is long lasting. 

(sorry for the poor photography, it is impossible to get a good photo of this)

4. Rimmel London 'Scandaleyes Lycra flex' Mascara: I have definitely got my money's worth from this mascara, i have worn it everyday and it has lasted forever. I love the volume it gives my lashes, and i love the large wand that comes with it. The packaging is great, the name is great, the mascara is great - Well Done Rimmel! The only downfall of this mascara is that there is no waterproof version, and it can be quite grainy.

5. Maybelline 'The Falsies' Mascara: Not surprising if you watch beauty guru's on YouTube, this mascara is worth a buy! I initially brought this mascara as i wanted a waterproof mascara that would get me through the day at college without smudging down my face. To start with i was slightly disappointed at the thin bendy brush after using my Rimmel mascara for so long, and the fact that it is hard to build your volume once it has dried. However, it turns out after realising i was using the brush the wrong way round, i have fallen in love with this mascara. It leaves my lashes looking amazing for a long time - but it does make it very tricky to come off!

6. Barry M 'Gelly High-Shine' Nail Varnish (Passionfruit): I am a massive fan of this collection of nail polishes, and i'm pretty sure i've almost run out of colours to buy, but this colour without a doubt is my favourite! The colour is an absolutely gorgeous red with undertones of pinks and oranges and loveliness, it goes with ANY outfit, and makes my nails look AMAZING. Although these nail polishes are prone to chipping, they are no worse than any other ones i've tried, and give a great shine and vivid colour. Also, they dry super quick, even though they don't advertise that they're fast drying!

7. Moroccan Argan Oil: I have been absolutely loving this hair oil recently, it makes my hair so soft, gets rid of frizz and makes it just feel amazing. My hair is really dry, damaged, frizzy and half curly (i would probably need a whole other post to explain why,) but since using this it feels a whole lot better, even if it doesn't looked much different! I have been getting far less split ends, and it takes away a lot of frizz without making your hair look greasy. Also, i was really pleased with the results, i was previously using Coconut Oil on my hair, which is slightly cheaper, but i just didn't feel like it was doing anything, as soon as i switched to this my hair felt different. It was just SO soft! I have only been using this a few months, so i can't say too much about it, but so far i am very impressed!

8. Victoria's Secret 'Love Spell' Body Spray: This is by far my favourite fragrance of 2013... Before this i was using a mixture of perfumes, which were difficult to carry around and were too strong for what i wanted day-to-day for school & college. I wanted to try something that wasn't Gilly Hicks or Hollister, and this was just right; inexpensive and some gorgeous fragrances. As you can see, i have used the whole bottle up, and i pretty much wore this everyday for the whole year, rarely getting bored of it. The only problem with this is the nearest Victoria's Secret is over an 1hour on the train for me, and i don't really fancy a trip to London just for a body spray, but i will hopefully pick up a new one soon!

9. Office Black Patent Leather Shoes: You can never own too many pairs of black shoes!! I was so happy to find some shoes that are worthy of replacing my creepers, which have absolutely fallen apart. After watching Zoella's video where she bought two pairs of these i just had to go into office the next day and i found these... new in! I obviously didn't want to copy Zoe exactly, so i was quite happy to see they had some different ones in the same style. I am in love with these shoes, i love the style and i think they perk up any outfit, i feel like i'm back at primary school whenever i wear them. I was also so happy with the customer service i received in office too!

10. Miley Cyrus BANGERZ Album: Woohoo! Miley has made top spot as my favourite album of the year, with tough competition against Justin Bieber, James Arthur and Selena Gomez. I cannot rave about this album enough - i ran out and bought it the day it was out and i am still listening too it, i love every song on the album, so much so that i can't pick a favourite! Every song has a different vibe to it, there are some lovely collaborations, and just some amazing song writing! One minute i'm on the verge of tears singing 'adore you' and the next i'm dancing around to 'we can't stop.' I think Miley has done an AMAZING job, her voice sounds fabulous, and she has made such a great comeback! Whether you love or hate Miley, you cannot hate her creativity in her music and music video's and her passion to be exactly who she wants to be. Personally i think Miley is an amazing role model, especially for women, and i can't wait to see her in May for her BANGERZ TOUR!!!

11. Les Miserables: DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING? I sure do!! I know this movie has been much loved by everyone, and i am part of everyone - what an amazing watch. I have to admit, when i first watched it in the cinema i did have a giggle and got quite irritated at the constant singing, but being a musical lover of course i started to enjoy it (and sing along.) By the end i was in floods of tears, and having the entire audience clap in the cinema made me weep even more. There is nothing i don't love about this movie and the soundtrack. If you don't like long movies or musicals this might not be for you, but it is 100% worth watching at least once! Love love love!

12. Justin Bieber, Believe Tour: The best night of my life & my first proper concert experience! I should probably mention my love for Justin for many years... he has inspired me, and i just think he is absolutely fabulous, so needless to say i was more than excited to get to see him in the flesh. After a kerfuffle and not having tickets for months, i was able to get my hands on some Level 1 tickets just 2 weeks before the show - amazing! I was also lucky enough to see him the night he wasn't hours late, and got the full Bieber experience, Cody Simpson, Jaden Smith and Carly Rae Jepsen were pretty amazing too! This is a night i will never forget, the view was amazing, Justin was amazing, the performances were amazing!

13. My Prom Dress: Can you believe i almost forgot to include this in my favourites! One of the highlights of my year last year was leaving school and of course prom... I chose my prom dress over a year ago, and the day of my prom was June 28th. Needless to say i absolutely adored my dress, and choosing shoes and everything to go with it - the only thing i'd change is my make-up (it was awful!!) i'd like to think now i have a bit more experience with eyeshadow colours. But anyway, i got my dress from a local prom dress shop Jeneveve (scroll down and you'll find my dress) it's the Mori Lee Paparazzi collection, and it was £345. I love the dress, the fit and i just want to re-do prom all over again :(

Wow, that's it, my 13 favourite things from 2013!! I hope if you're still reading, you enjoyed having a look at what i loved last year and maybe you even loved some of the same things as me? I can't believe we are now in 2014, life just flies by, and January has just flown by too. I am already loving so many things in 2014 i could probably make a post about them already, but don't worry, that will have to wait until next year.

I'd love to know what your 2013 favourites were, why don't you let me know in the comments? I'll hopefully chat to you soon with a new blog post (i promise i'll update more regularly.)

Thanks for reading!

Mauricia xoxo

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